H Bridge Driver Integrated MOSFETs

Single H bridge
Part Number Product Status Package MOSFETs Interface of Input Control Motor Voltage(VM) min. (V) Motor Voltage(VM) max. (V) Peak Drive Current (A) Logic Voltage(Vcc) min. (V) Logic Voltage(Vcc) max. (V) PWM Frequency max. Rds_on HS+LS (mohm) Sleep Mode Vcc UVLO max. (V) Protection Type Operation Temperature Download
EHB0528 Sample Avail. DFN2x2-8 NMOS x4 PWMx2, nSleepx1 2.8 11 1 2.8 5.5 250KHz 1000 Y, 120nA 2.7 UVLO, OCP, SCP, TSD -40°C to 85°C